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Water problems in Leaside and North Toronto bungalow top ups.

October 2nd, 2011 by The Waterproofer

We are see a marked increase in “new” homes in Leaside and North Toronto developing leaking basements and mold problems. People are buying “new” homes in these areas which are actually renovations to pre-war bungalows. The builder purchases a bungalow and removes all but two exterior walls and the foundation and completely rebuilds the house. The problem arises because many of the builders are not waterproofing the existing 60-70 year old foundations. They then completely finish the basements with drywall, trim, carpeting etc.. These are all of the organic materials that mold loves. The new owners after a period of time find that the basement smells of mold and they call us in. We thermal image the walls and find that the basement waterproofing is failing. The home owners are always surprised because they have a “new” home. Unfortunately the “new” home is on a 60-70 year old foundation that has blocked weeping tiles, cracks in the foundation and little or no waterproofing membrane left.
Not only does the foundation leak but the drywall, carpet etc. starts to grow mold. The mold remediation companies have to remove the new drywall and carpet so that the rest of the house does not get contaminated with the mold spores. Your “new” house now needs costly renovations to the basement as well as waterproofing. The cost to remove that mold contamination in the basement can also be costly.
If you are purchasing a “new” home make sure to ask the builder if he has waterproofed the existing foundation. If the foundation has not been waterproofed you may want to factor in the cost of doing so when you purchase the house.

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