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Pushy salesmen

April 16th, 2012 by The Waterproofer

This is not really about basement waterproofing but I wanted to write about it.

This year we had a booth at the Toronto Home show to promote our business. During the show many salespeople came by our booth to talk to us about their products. I always enjoy the Home Show because I like to find out what is new in the home renovation and construction industries. I take the time to look for new and innovative companies that may make what we do better for our waterproofing customers.
The down side to the home show is the salespersons who walk around the show trying to sell advertising or listings on their web directories. I am polite to them and will listen to what they are offering. Often I tell them that their product is not for us and thank them for their time. These salesperson will not take no for an answer.
Since the Toronto Home show has ended I have had several people who continue to call despite my polite attempts to tell them that I am not interested. I do not respond well to the hard sell. What I would like them to is give me information and then let me think about it. I would be more likely to buy their products if I did not feel pushed into it.
When I am “selling “ to customers who have come to us, I consider it my job to first and foremost give them information. I investigate what is happening in their basements and give them the best advice I have. Often what we do at the waterproofer may not be what the customer needs and I try to lead them in the right direction by offering another trade that could solve their problem. I never try to hard sell them which I think is appreciated.
One company that I have been doing business with is Homestars.ca. They offer a service where my customers can go and write a review about our company. The salesperson that deals with my account is Jessica Sugar. Right from the start she helped me with my needs and question rather than trying to sell me their service.Hats off to Homestars.ca

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