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Do you need basement waterproofing – or do you NOT need basement waterproofing?

April 8th, 2012 by The Waterproofer

When we are called to a house to give a quote on basement waterproofing the first thing we do is determine the scope of work and whether or not basement waterproofing is needed. We use moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras and scopes to determine what may be causing the moisture problems in the basement. Giving a quote is the result of investigating the cause of the problem.
In the past few weeks, we have been in four basements that have not needed waterproofing. Our investigations, using thermal imaging and moisture meters, found three leaking waste pipes and one leaking water pipe. We told the customers that they needed a plumber and that the repairs were very minor. And as always, we did not charge for our consultation.
The surprising thing was, all four houses had already received quotes from other waterproofing companies in the area and all of these companies (after minimal investigation) told the customers that they need extensive waterproofing. None of the companies used anything more sophisticated than a flashlight and a quote pad to “determine the needs of the home owner”. Waterproofing these four basements would not have solved any of the homeowners’ problems.
Homeowners have been told to get multiple quotes when having work done. When hiring any basement waterproofing contractor in Toronto the customer should be asking many questions. What is causing the water problems? How is what is being proposed going to address this problem? Could it be caused by some other source? How are you determining the cause? What are my options?
By using sophisticated tools The Waterproofer is able to accurately determine the scope of work that is needed.

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