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Do I need to waterproof before listing my house?

April 27th, 2012 by The Waterproofer

Basement waterproofing can be an expensive repair that needs to be completed on a home. As a house ages, so does its waterproofing. It has a life expectancy the same way that a roof, windows or a furnace does. The difference with waterproofing is that the life expectancy is much longer than other home repairs and replacements. People tend not to think about the condition of the waterproofing until the problem becomes very noticeable. Preventative work on the foundation of homes rarely happens. When selling a house this may be the reason a buyer makes an offer on someone else house and not yours.
This week I was contacted by two separate real estate representatives to discuss waterproofing on homes. One agent had just had a conditional offer withdrawn because a buyer’s home inspector detected moisture in the basement. When we came out to investigate, after the deal had fallen through, we found that one wall of the basement needed to be repaired at a cost of $3800. The real estate agent told me that the conditional buyer though the repair would be “tens of thousands of dollars” and was not prepared to pay that much. The second real estate representative contacted me to investigate moisture in a house that her buyer had a conditional offer on. We investigated and determined that the whole of the basement foundation would need to be waterproofed and we provided a quote for the repairs. The purchaser was happy because the quote was far less than they had expected and they withdrew their conditions.
People purchasing houses are starting to check to see if waterproofing has been updated on houses that they wish to purchase. Agents and home inspectors are starting to ask more and more questions about foundations. If you house has gotten to the age that waterproofing would be expected to fail you can call us and we will inspect and investigate the condition of your waterproofing. When selling it is an asset to be able to tell buyers that the waterproofing has been updated or inspected and found to be functioning correctly.

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