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Do leaking basements fix themselves?

April 11th, 2012 by The Waterproofer

The winter is Ontario this year has been very atypical. Skiing in the north started very late and ended very early. Ice on the lakes left earlier than any other time on record. Some lakes Muskoka failed to completely freeze for the first time in living memory. Very little snow fell in Toronto and did not last long. For the first time I can remember I saw home owners in Leaside and North York watering their lawns in early April.
The precipitation during February, March and the first week of April this year is at a record low level. During Febuary and March the average precipitation is about 135mm of rain on average. This February and March only 34 mm of precipitation was recorded in Toronto. The soil around foundations is bone dry and the water table is very low.
This spring we have been seeing customers that have had leaks in their basements in the past. We have heard from many customers that their basements did not leak this spring and they ask could the problem with the waterproofing have gone away.
If a basement has leaked in the past it will leak again in the future. The conditions around a foundation that has leaked will return with the spring rains as sure as spring follows winter. Cracks, blocked weeping tiles and failing waterproofing never get better with age. As I have told our customers the only thing that gets better with age is wine and cheese.

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